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The Four Essentials
We believe there is one way—a standard best practice—for each process or procedure. We help you define and document that practice, making sure the final product remains…

Effective job/training documents require minimal reading, convey essential information through graphics and give users what they need at a glance.

Work instructions for similar jobs and processes use a consistent format and approach. The same document used to support training is also available as a job aid.

Employees view work instructions as worthwhile tools when the instructions help improve productivity, performance and quality. Credible documents are complete, reliable and up to date.

Documents need to be written in a way that’s understandable to the user, and instructional information must be available at the moment it’s needed. This means easy access to a storage-and-retrieval system is a must.

Did you know that many adults choose not to read? It’s a growing phenomenon called aliteracy. Aliteracy, combined with normal job pressures and distractions, results in people who cannot or will not read text-heavy instructions. Find out more about this phenomenon that could be affecting your business.