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Visual instructions help reduce errors/waste and eliminate damaged parts. Graphics quickly orient the users so they can see what they have to do and how they need to do it.
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Training & Retention

A graphical format gives the user clearer understanding of the process and options. It captures Standard Best Practices clearly, training the user step by step. 
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Graphics clearly explain complicated safety procedures. Because Explainers Visual Instructions do not need translating, it also saves time and money.
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Visual instructions give the user a clearer understanding of the process and options. Features and steps that will no longer get buried in text, improving understanding.
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Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your company a success together, today!
1. DIRECT CONTACT  An Explainers Consultant meets at your location to collect data necessary to develop your Work Instructions.
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2. DEVELOP Work Instructions Using interview notes, pictures and video, Explainers develops your Work Instructions.
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3. DELIVER Great Work InstructionsExplainers delivers to you Work Instructions that will Improve Quality, Retain better Employees, harvest a Safer Work Environment and provide Better Training.
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